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HCG Combo Rapid Test (Urine/Serum) (Strip) (5mm)


HCG Combo Rapid Test (Urine/Serum) RapiDip� InstaTest (5mm)

Category Name Pregnancy tests
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HCG Combo Rapid Test (Urine/Serum) (Strip) (5mm)

HCG Combo Rapid Test (Urine/Serum) (Strip) (5mm)

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HCG Combo Rapid Test (Urine/Serum) (Strip) (5mm) description:

Los Angeles-based Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. offers a OneStep Serum/Urine Combo RapiDip™ InstaTest HCG Pregnancy Test Kit (5mm strip). Pregnancy Test Kit is used for the determination of hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) in serum/plasma or urine specimens. � There is an appearance of hCG in both urine and serum soon after conception, and its subsequent rapid rise in concentration during early gestational growth. � This Pregnancy Test Kit is used to obtain a visual, qualitative result for the early detection of pregnancy.


A urine specimen for this HCG Rapid Test must be collected in a dry and clean container. � The first morning urine specimen is preferred for this Pregnancy Test since it usually contains the highest concentration of hCG; however, urine specimens collected at any time of the day may be used for this pregnancy test.  Serum or plasma must be separated from blood on the pregnancy test as soon as possible to avoid hemolysis. � Use only clear, non-hemolyzed specimens in this pregnancy test.


If the specimen for this pregnancy test cannot be tested on the day of collection, store the specimen in a refrigerator or freezer at 2-8 �C for up to 48 hours prior to testing. � For prolonged storage, specimens may be frozen and stored below -20 �C. � Frozen specimens should be thawed and stirred before testing with this HCG Rapid Test. � Do not freeze and thaw the specimen repeatedly. � The Pregnancy test kit can be stored at temperatures between 2 to 30 �C in the sealed pouch to the date of expiration. The Pregnancy test kit should be kept away from direct sunlight, moisture and heat.


The Pregnancy test results are negative if only one color band appears on the control region of the pregnancy test. � No apparent band on the pregnancy test region indicates that no pregnancy has been detected. � A positive result is obtained when distinct color bands appear on the control and test regions of the pregnancy test kit. � Presence of both test line and control line on this pregnancy test indicates that the patient is probably pregnant. � The color intensity of the pregnancy test bands may vary since different stages of pregnancy have different concentrations of hCG hormone. � A pregnancy test is invalid if no visible band at all or no colored band appears on the control (C) region of the pregnancy test kit.  �Repeat with a new pregnancy test kit.


The HCG Rapid Test may be taken again if certain conditions are demonstrated: � very dilute urine specimens, as indicated by a low specific gravity, that may not contain representative levels of hCG, or false negative results occurring when the levels of hCG are below the sensitivity level of the pregnancy test. �  �When pregnancy is still suspected in either occurrence, a first morning urine specimen should be collected 48 hours later and the pregnancy test taken again. � Another instance of retesting using the pregnancy test kit is when a number of conditions other than pregnancy cause elevated levels of hCG. � Therefore, the presence of hCG in urine/serum/plasma on the pregnancy test should not be used to diagnose pregnancy unless these other conditions have been ruled out. � The HCG Rapid Test provides a presumptive diagnosis for pregnancy. � A confirmed pregnancy diagnosis by using this pregnancy test should only be made by a physician after all clinical and laboratory findings have been evaluated.


Along with this Combo Urine/Serum HCG Rapid Test (5 mm strip), Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. offers various pregnancy tests to fit any customer's needs. � Two other combo HCG Test Kits include: � Combo Urine/Serum HCG Rapid Test 3.5mm strip, and a Combo Urine/Serum HCG Rapid Test - cassette format. � Additional pregnancy test kits for clinical diagnosis or pregnancy test at home: � Midstream Urine HCG Test Kit and a Urine HCG Test Kit (both in cassette format), a Urine HCG Rapid Test 2.5 mm strip, a Urine HCG Rapid Test 3.5 mm strip, and � a Urine HCG Rapid Test 5mm strip.