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Salmonella Rapid Test


Salmonella Typhi Antigen Rapid Test

Full name

Salmonella Typhi Antigen in Human Stool/WB/Plasma/Serum RapiCard Insta Test

Category Name Infectious Disease & other tests
Test Bulk Or Boxed in 25 or 50 tests

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Salmonella Rapid Test

Salmonella Rapid Test

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Salmonella Rapid Test description:

Los Angeles-based Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. offers a OneStep Salmonella Typhi Antigen RapiCard Insta Test (cassette) which is an in-vitro qualitative immunochromatographic assay for the rapid detection of S. Typhi antigens in human stool or serum specimen. The Salmonella Rapid Test results are intended to help in the diagnosis of S. Typhi infection and to monitor the effectiveness of therapeutic treatment. The Salmonella Rapid Test is for in-vitro diagnostic use only.

The Salmonella Rapid Test is a qualitative one-step immunochromatographic assay. The Salmonella Rapid Test employs a conation of monoclonal antibody/colloidal gold dye conjugate and a polyclonal antibody immobilized on the solid phase. This will selectively identify S. typhi antigen associated Salmonella typhi (typhoid) infection with a high degree of sensitivity and specificity.

Sensitivity of the Salmonella Rapid Test is 98%.

Notable features of the Salmonella Rapid Test:
. reliable and inexpensive
. easy-to-understand directions
. clear reagent and specimen preparation procedures
. simple test kit storage instructions
. safe and convenient rapid test kit packaging
. rapid and accurate test results - within 20 minutes

See the Salmonella Rapid Test (cassette) product insert for specific details on preparation, procedures, storage, quality control, and interpretation of test results. The Salmonella Rapid Test is available in cassette format only.

Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. also offers a Salmonella Antigen Detection (In Food) ELISA Test which is used to screen enrichment cultures of food, food products, animal feeds, environmental samples, and animal and bird feces for the presence of Salmonella. The Salmonella Rapid Test (cassette) is one of many Infectious Disease Rapid Tests available at Diagnostic Automation. For more information about these rapid test kits, or any other Rapid Test, ELISA Test, CLIA Test, IFA Test Kit, or Serology test, please contact our Customer Service Representatives at 818-591-3030.