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Free Estriol ELISA kit


Free Estriol ELISA Test

Full name

Human Free Estriol ELISA Test Kit

Category Name Steroid ELISA kits
Test 96
Method ELISA method: Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay
Principle Competitive Immunosorbent
Detection Range .15-40 ng/ml
Sample 25ul serum/plasma
Specificity 100%
Sensitivity 0.03 ng/ml
Total Time ~75 min
Shelf Life 12-14 Months from the manufacturing date

Item #:                    3171-17   Quantity:               

Free Estriol ELISA kit

Free Estriol 3171-17 MSDS(05-20-2016).pdf

Free Estriol ELISA kit

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Free Estriol ELISA kit description:

The Diagnostic Automation Free Estriol ELISA test kit is a competitive immunoenzymetic colorimetric assay for quantitative determination of Free Estradiol (E2) concentration in human serum and plasma.

Material Provided with Free Estriol ELISA Kit:
1. Standards: S0-S6
2. Control
3. Conjugate: Estriol HRP-conjugated
4. Microplate: Coated with Anti-Estriol antibody
5. TMB Substrate
6. Stop Solution: Sulphuric acid 0.15 mol/L
7. Wash Solution 10X

Materials Required, not Provided:
1. Precision pipettes
2. Distilled or deionized water
3. EIA kit Microplate Washer
4. EIA kit Microplate Reader with a 450 nm

Free Estriol ELISA Kit Background Information:
Estriol, also known as Oestriol or E3 is one of the three main estrogens produced by the human body. It is only produced in significant amounts during pregnancy as it is made by the fetus. During pregnancy the production of estriol depends on an intact maternal-placental-fetal unit and functional fetal metabolism, thus maternal estriol levels have been used to monitor fetal status during pregnancy, particularly during the third trimester. Fetal-placental production of estriol leads to a progressive rise in maternal circulating levels reaching a late-gestational peak several orders of magnitude greater than non-pregnant levels. In the maternal circulation, estriol undergoes rapid conjugation in the liver followed by urinary excretion with a half-life of ~20 minutes. DHEA produced by the adrenal cortex of the fetus is converted to estriol by the placenta. If levels are abnormally low in a pregnant woman, this may indicate a problem with the development in the child. Levels of estriol in non-pregnant women do not change much after menopause, and levels are not significantly different from levels in men.

Free Estriol ELISA Test Principle:
The Diagnostic Automation Free Estriol EIA is an ELISA assay based on the principle of competitive binding Free Estriol (antigen) in the sample competes with horseradish-peroxidase Estriol for binding onto the limited number of anti Estriol (antibody) sites on the microplates. After incubation, the bound/free separation is performed by a simple solid-phase washing. After the enzyme substrate are added color development occurs, reaction is stopped and the absorbances are determined. Free Estriol concentration in the sample is calculated based on a series of standard. The colour intensity is inversely proportional to the Free Estriol concentration in the sample. Free Estriol concentration in the sample is calculated through a Standards curve. For additional details please refer to the instructions for use.

There are several advantages to measuring free estriol compared to total serum or urinary E3:
1. Levels are not affected by maternal renal or hepatic disease
2. Levels are not altered by the administration of certain antibiotics
3. More accurately reflects fetal outcome in diabetic pregnancies
4. No hydrolysis is required, thus a more rapid turnaround for the test result is possible

Diagnostic Automation offers Free Estriol ELISA Test Kit for accurate measurements of Free E3 from plasma or serum. Diagnostic Automation Inc. also provides other Steroid ELISA Kits. For more information about ELISA Kits, Rapid Tests, IFA Kits, CLIA Test Kits, or Serology tests, please see our website home page, or contact our Customer Service Representatives at 818-591-3030 .

Product Note:

Diagnostic Automation Free Estriol EIA kits are designed for the measurement of Free Estriol in human serum and plasma. In this Free Estriol ELISA Test Kit, the clinical significance of Free Estriol determination can be invalidated if the patient was treated with natural or synthetic steroids.

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