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Urine Alcohol Rapid Test


Alcohol Urine Rapid Test

Full name

Human Rapid Alcohol Drug Test Urine Alcohol RapiDip Insta Test

Category Name Drug Tests
Test Bulk Or Boxed in 25 or 50 tests

Item #:                    121012-1-44   Quantity:               

Urine Alcohol Rapid Test

Alcohol Urine 121012-1-44 MSDS.pdf

Urine Alcohol Rapid Test

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Urine Alcohol Rapid Test description:

"Export Use Only"
Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics Inc. OneStep Urine Alcohol RapiDip Insta Test is intended for use as a rapid method to test for alcohol in urine. The urine alcohol test kit is intended for the screening of ethyl alcohol in human urine.

Materials Provided with Urine Alcohol Rapid Test kit:
1. Urine Alcohol Rapid Test
Each test contains:
Alcohol oxidase
2. Instruction for use

Materials required, not provided:
1. Timer or Clock

Urine Alcohol Rapid Test kit Background Information
Alcohol intoxication can lead to loss of alertness, coma, death, and as well as birth defects. The BAC at which a person becomes impaired is variable. The United States Department of Transportation (DOT)has established a BAC of 0.04% as the cutoff level at which an individual is considered positive for the presence of alcohol. Determination of ethyl alcohol in blood, Urine, and saliva is commonly used for measuring legal impairment, alcohol poisoning, etc. Gas chromatography techniques and enzymatic methods are commercially available for the determination of ethyl alcohol in human fluids. MP Rapid Alcohol Test is designed as the screen tool to rapidly determine if the BAC level is higher than 0.04% by testing saliva specimen.

Urine Alcohol Rapid Test Principle
Cortez Saliva Alcohol RapiDip Insta Test is based on the high specificity of alcohol oxidase (ALOx) for ethyl alcohol in the presence of peroxidase and enzyme substrate such as TMB. The distinct color on reactive pad could be observed in less than 4 minutes after the tip was contacted with urine samples with the ethyl alcohol concentration greater than 0.04%. It should be pointed out that other alcohols such as methyl, propyl and allyl alcohol would develop the similar color on the reactive pad. However, these alcohols are not normally present in urine. See product insert for more details.

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