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Product Description Catalog # # of Test
RF (Rheumatoid Factor)To Top
RF Latex Test Kit (Serology test) 320-100 Boxed in 100
CRP (C-Reactive Protein) To Top
CRP Latex Test Kit (Serology test) 310-100 Boxed in 100
ASO (Anti-Streptolysin-O) To Top
ASO Latex Test kit (Serology test) 330-50 Boxed in 50 tests
Mono (Infectious Mononucleosis) To Top
Mono Latex Test Kit (Serology test) 340-50 Boxed in 50
RPR (Rapid Plasma Reagin) To Top
RPR Latex Test Kit (Serology Test kit) 500100-100 100 Tests
RPR Latex Test Kit (Serology Test kit) 500100-500 500 Tests
SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) To Top
SLE Latex Test Kit (Serology Test Kit) 351-50 50 Tests

Rheumatoid Factor Test

When you are searching for a rheumatoid factor test for your medical office, laboratory, or hospital, you can count on Diagnostic Automation / Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. Our business makes high-quality serological testing supplies for your needs that are made for the qualitative and semi-quantitative measurements of RF in human serum. These serology tests are based on the principle of latex agglutination assay by Singer and Plotz.

Making the right diagnoses to help your patients is simple when you are using serology tests and other supplies from Diagnostic Automation / Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. We offer great serological testing supplies for medical professionals throughout the world, shipping to the US and 168 other countries across the globe. Review the information available about this rheumatoid factor test and see if it is right for your needs. Our business is dedicated to making sure you have the right products to help you properly care for your patients.