Sales Terms and Conditions


Orders are accepted from customers via mail, electronic mail, telephone or fax:

Monday through Friday: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (Pacific Standard Time) please reference your customer number.

Payment Terms:

  1. Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics Inc. payment terms are CASH IN ADVANCE. Payment may be made with wire transfer, Visa or MasterCard. In some cases, you may pay with a business check.
  2. If you pay by wire transfer, there will be a $30.00 bank service charge added to your invoice.
  3. If the order is more than $5000, a deposit of 50% of the total sales order will be required before the order can be processed.  Payment of the remaining balance must be received prior to shipping.


  1. Prices may be subject to change without prior notice unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing by Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostic Inc.
  2. All shipments are F.O.B. Origin, Freight Prepaid and added to the proforma invoice.
  3. Incorrect pricing, quantity or product issues must be reported to the Customer Service department within 24 hours of the order acknowledgment.
  4. Restocking Fees: Any confirmed order cancelled after 15 days will be billed at a rate of 25% of total order for processing and restocking.

Processing Terms:

  1. Terms are stated on all Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics Inc. proforma invoices.
  2. A company purchase order will be required for all orders unless you complete our company purchase order form.
  3. Your company will receive a proforma invoice based on your purchase order. All proformas must be signed and faxed or e-mailed to us as a confirmation.
  4. After receiving your confirmation our shipping department will send an estimated shipping date by fax or e-mail.
  5. $ 500 minimum purchase is required. Orders are processed the same day of receipt.
  6. A Standing order can be placed by the customer to be prepared by our shipping department and shipped according to customer’s schedule. The standing order must be a minimum of 6 months. Modifications of sequestered product or quantities are allowed only within the first 30 days, all products remaining after 45 days will be billed within the order period
  7. A Non-standing order takes approximately 10 to 20 days to be filled depending on the kit availability and production schedule.
  8. HIV and Hepatitis products are shipped from our Canadian facility based on FDA Regulation and delivery time is 3 weeks.

Shipping Courier:

  1. Orders are shipped via Federal Express or our common carrier, according to product requirements at our sole discretion.
  2. Customers can use their own FedEx or DHL account or their own freight forwarder.

Cancellation Terms:

  1. Cancellation of an existing purchase order must be given in writing.
  2. NO cancellations after receiving confirmation.
  3. Order will be canceled automatically if we will not receive the confirmation in 2 weeks.


  1. Only items shipped in error by Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics Inc. or items received damaged will be accepted for return.
  2. Replacement or return requests, excluding issues related to product performance, must be brought to the attention of the technical department within 20 business days of the receipt of the order.
  3. Returns will not be accepted nor credit issued without prior approval and a RETURN MATERIALS AUTHORIZATION NUMBER (RMA) assigned by the technical department.
  4. Credits will not be given for products returned without a RMA number.
  5. Products must be immediately returned after obtaining proper authorization. Product must be properly stored and returned in original packing in same condition received, unless notified by Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics Inc.
  6. Replacement product or credit will be issued after receipt of returned product.
  7. Returns received after 15 working days following date of issuance of RMA will not be accepted.
  8. Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics Inc. will arrange for all returns after issuance of RMA number.

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