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▲ Our History
With 30 years of experience in mechanical power transmission industry, Wuxi Moray Transpower Co., Ltd. is an engineering company that takes a global approach to providing quality cost effective solutions to industrial clients.
Moray Transpower started a joint-venture 8 years ago with its partner and manufactured cardan shafts with international manufacturing business practices, it is in our nature to work smartly and diligently to meet the demanding needs of our industrial clients. Moray Transpower\'s extensive engineering capabilities allow us to partner with our customers to design, test, and produce the best end user products. Combined with our comprehensive approach to ISO9001, we make fast and competitive responses to customer requests and have been a reliable and preferred supplier for applications such as rolling mills, cranes, rubber and plastic mills, paper mills, power plants, etc. We secure and maintain our value through technical innovation, quality improvements, and outstanding service.
▲ Our Strength
● A team of professionals with rich knowledge and experience in engineering, manufacturing and quality control;
● Long term relationships with a strictly selected network of suppliers;
● Our engineering staff conduct regular inspections on quality and process control;
● We adopt a service-driven business practice that focuses on clients\' needs;
● We are flexible in customizing.
● Transparent business practices with all facts and truth are communicated to the clients.
● Long-term, mutually beneficial relationships established with clients based on total confidence and trust.
▲ Our Factory
Located in Wuxi, our factory has over 80 experienced technicians.
▲ Our Product
Closed Bearing Eye Series (Swing diameter ranging from 180mm-1200mm), Split Bearing Eye Series (Swing diameter 225mm-650mm, Wing Style (190mm-1300mm). Parts and light duty drive shafts are available upon requests. Gear Couplings.
▲ Product Application
Rolling mills, Cranes, Rubber and plastic mills, Paper mills, Power plants, Mining equipments etc.
▲ Our Certificate
ISO9001 Certified
▲ Production Equipment
Lathe, Milling machine, Boring machine, CNCs, Gear hobber, Drilling Machines, Oil press, Balancing machine, etc.
▲ Production Market
Our shafts are distributed to USA, Canada, Russia, Italy, Korea, Latin America and South east Asian countries.
▲ Our service
Moray offers distributors a reliable, high-quality alternative for cost effective purchasing from China. We support our distributors with high level of practical experience, know-how and confidentiality.Drive Shafts factory

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