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1. Product Introduction of the Fire Retardant Workwear
This fire retardant workwear made of 310gsm cotton polyester fire retardant fabric, and can meet EN ISO 11611, EN ISO 11612, EN 61482-1-2, NFPA2112 and other standards.
This fire retardant workwear has the effect of self-extinguishing with no droplets, char length can be controlled within 10cm, soft touching, good strength, good wear resistant property. And it has good breathability and suitable used in hot and humid conditions.
This fire retardant workwear surface is smooth, well-spaced, soft ,shiny or have slight weave, good elastic, and good air permeability.
2. Product Details of the Fire Retardant Workwear
This fire retardant workwear has the following features:
1.The fire retardant workwear front and back part and sleeve joint together with contrast color
2.Knife pleats in the fire retardant jacket back, extend the movement area.
3.The fire retardant workwear’s cap peak is connected with collar by zipper, closed by Velcro, adjustable size, windproof and warm.
4.There has a Reflective tapes on the head of cap
5.Rubber band on the fire retardant workwear’s cuff, comfortable and warm.
6.5# zipper is fitted to collar point, snap button on wind proof. windproof and warm.
7.Reflective tape on chest, back, and sleeves, fashionable and special.

3. Production Factory of the Fire Retardant Workwear

4. Product Laboratory of the Fire Retardant Workwear

5. Product Certificate of the Fire Retardant Workwear

6. Deliver and Shipping of the Fire Retardant Workwear

7. Product Application of the Fire Retardant Workwear

8. FAQ
Q : What is the difference between fire retardant and fire resistance?
A: A fire retardant material slows burning across the surface of a combustible substrate. A fire resistive material delays heat penetration through a substrate.
Q: May I have a trail order?
A: Of course! Trail order is necessary for new customers. our MOQ is 1000 pcs per color with surcharge $100-$500 depends on different quality.
Q: What the functional of the garment?
A: We can make fire retardant, fire retardant+ anti-static, Teflon, Anti-UV, Insect-repellent, anti-acid and etc. Also the garment can make several functions, that depend on customer’s request.
FR Suits quotation
website: dant-clothing/fr-suits/

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