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UF water purifier is one of the most natured and advanced ultrafiltration technologies for water treatment. The nominal tiny pore size is 0.001~0.1 μm. The micropores distribute around the wall of the membrane. The entrapping molecular weight scale is about several thousand to ten thousand. The water flow from the outside of the membrane to the inside, it is outer pressure type. In adverse, it is inside pressure type. The UF water purifier is a dynamic process, and the entrapping matter can be drained out following the concentration water.
UF water purifier to clarify,conentrate and purity the streams with filtration challenges involve suspended solids, bacteria, or high concentrations of macromolecules. These high-tech membranes are widely used in variety of water treatment and waste water recycling applications.
Module dataUF90UF160UF200UF250
Dimensions(mm)Ф90x1175Ф160x1420ф200x1475ф 250x1715
Nominal Area(m2)6243560
Recommend Flow(m3/h)0.2-0.30.8-1.21.0-1.52.0-4.0
Membrane materialPVC/PAN/PVDF/Reinforced PVDF/PES
Diameter of hollow fiber(mm)1.66/1.0 or 2.4/1.2
Nominal pore size0.01μm (0.001~0.1um are optional)
Filter PathInside-out(PVC / PAN), Outside-in (PVDF)
Configuration typeConfiguration type
Max. Feed pressure (Mpa)0.3
Recommended TMP (Mpa)0.02-0.08
UF6060,UF6080,UF8060,UF8080,UF10080 UF water filters are available too.
Applications of UF water purifier:
1.Surface water .
2.Ground water.
3.Pretreatment of RO system.
4.Drinking water treatment.
5.Industrial used water treatment.
6.Treatment&Reuse of sewage &wastewater.
7.Recycle of water( Coolong tower, swimming pool, water landscape).
8.Pretreatment of RO system for desalination of seawater.
9.Concentration, separation& recycle of chemicals.

Advantage of UF water purifier:
1. Removal of all suspendied solid, algae, bacterial, virus to ensure your healthy.
2. Decrease of the dosage disinfectant(chlorine)
3. Stable and excellent water quality, turbidity less than 0.1NTU
4. Low pressure, Large flow(up to 80-100L/m2), energy saving.
5. Modular construction, small space required.
6. Hydrophilic modified to increase antipollutant, enhence chemical resistanceUF Membrane Filter suppliers
website: -filter/

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