Urine reagent strips


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http://rapidtest.com/index.php?product=Urine-Reagent-Strips-tests&cat=31ELISA kits manufacturer - ElLISA assays supplier: Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc., Tel: 818-591 3030, USA.Urine Reagent Strips testsURS-1B Urine Reagent Strip (Blood)URS-11 (Urobilinogen /Blood /Ketone /Glucose /Protein /pH /Bilirubin /Nitrite /SG /Leukocytes/ Ascorbic Acid)URS-11 Urine Reagent Strip (Ketone) URS-1K 100 stripsUrine Reagent Strip (Protein) URS-1PUrine Reagent Strip (Glucose) URS-1GUrine Reagent Strip (Glucose/Protein) URS-2PUrine Reagent Strip (Glucose/Protein/pH) URS-3Urine Reagent Strip (Glucose/Protein/pH/SG) URS-4SUrine Reagent Strip (Glucose/Protein/pH/Blood) URS-4BUrine Reagent Strip (Blood/Ketone/Glucose/Protein/pH) URS-5KUrine Reagent Strip (Blood/Urobilinogen/Glucose/Protein/pH) URS-5UUrine Reagent Strip (Blood/Ketone/Glucose/Protein/pH/Bilirubin URS-6Urine Reagent Strip(Blood/Ketone/Glucose/Protein/Leukocyte/Bilirubin) URS-6LUrine Reagent Strip (Urobilinogen /Blood /Ketone /Glucose /Protein /pH /Bilirubin) URS-7Urine Reagent Strip (Urobilinogen /Blood /Ketone /Glucose /Protein /pH /Bilirubin /Nitrite) URS-8Urine Reagent Strip (Urobilinogen /Blood /Ketone /Glucose /Protein /pH /Bilirubin /Nitrite /SG) URS-9Urine Reagent Strip (Urobilinogen /Blood /Ketone /Glucose /Protein /pH /Bilirubin /Nitrite /SG/ Leukocytes) URS-10



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