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ERA Piping Systems, PVC Pipe Fitting ,90°ELBOW , AUSE02, (AS/NZS1477) , Watermark
PVC Coupling is used to join two identical sized PVC pressure pipes. Manuafactured to AS/NZS 1477 Standards. These fittings require Solvent & Priming Fluid to make a gaurenteed joint.
PVC holds a very high weight to strength ratio making this piping system a reliable substitute to steel systems.
Scope:Available sizes range from 15 – 375mm
Pipe is available in solvent weld joint or rubber ring joint in pressure classes ranging from class 4.5 to class 18
A smooth internal bore for reduced friction losses in your system.
Suitable for temperatures from 0°C to 60°C.
AS/NZS 1477 covers two size ranges of PVC-U pipes. Series 1 is a metric size range and Series 2 is compatible with the outside diameter of Australian cast and ductile iron pipes. Series 1 pipes are generally coloured white and Series 2 pipes are generally coloured light blue.
Fields of application:
Piping networks for irrigation, normal water transport for industry.China Pvc Pressure Pipes And Fittings
website: ipe-and-fittings/pvc-pressure-pipes-and-fitti ngs-as-nzs1477/

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